Sunday, February 14, 2016

What Cops Like and Dislike

What better day than Valentine's Day to take a look at some things that steal law enforcement officers' hearts, and those things that remind them of dead roses.

Sure, there are cops who prefer energy drinks, juices and sodas, and those freaks that drink only water, but for a large number of cops, only java juice hits them like an arrow from Cupid's bow.

Cruiser, patrol, sled, black and white, squad, or unit, no matter the name used to describe a cop's ride, few other things rev a cop's engine like their police car.

A home, office, and rolling cover, cops remember their first crusier like they remember their first love (without the guilt). 

Even a messy car partner or a drunk prisoner can't come between a cop and his car. After a quick hose down and some industrial air freshener, the cop and their car are ready to ride off into the sunset again.

While it may be true that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, for cops, every police action equals a report. As one cop friend likes to describe his job, "I document crime." 

Although a necessary and important part of the job, the seemingly endless paperwork involved in policing can sometimes leave even the most motivated cop feeling like a box of melted chocolates.

Watch a tv cop show or movie with a police officer and you may want to borrow their Taser.  There is no bigger critic of Hollywood's version of law enforcement than a cop. 

"That's not how you handcuff someone!" "His officer-safety skills suck!" "Why don't they show the six hours of paperwork!"

Want to "Netflix and Chill" with your cop sweetie? Select a cop-themed show, and the only thing "chilling" may be your relationship. 

Happy Valentines Day and Stay Safe!


  1. Carl Crocker -

    I think you forgot time off work to enjoy those cop shows, like on presidents day for example.

  2. You forgot to mention the way cops love to ask lots and lots of questions! Those interrogation skills must be such a joy to friends and family! #crj105

  3. You also forgot how cops love to ask lots and lots of questions. Those interrogation skills must be such a joy to family and friends!

  4. I think one thing you forgot was cops love coming home to their family. also some of the cops i'm familiar with love their training.

  5. - Magdalena Szuba
    Great catch on how they remember their first love without guilt.

  6. Cops also love finally getting approved for lunch, only to have an emergency call come out over the radio as soon as they get their food.

  7. Ryan Egan

    You mentioned how cops feel about being portrayed on tv, but what about in movies. Are films more accurate in depicting the police than tv, on a side not Mrs. Furlow have you seen the trailers for the upcoming film Zootopia. This might be a film that you and your family can enjoy.

  8. I love cars and can relate to the love between man and machine. I would love to be texas highway patrol, that is my dream or DFW area. Rick Moro

  9. I don't think that I can recall any movie or show that portrays an occupation accurately. This must be extremely frustrating for people who put their lives on the line, such as cops, because their profession is either extremely underplayed or glorified.
    -Kaylee Martinez


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